Preemptive approach for eliminating business disruptions

At Virtusa, we help enterprises transform from being reactive to preemptive in solving their business challenges. We leverage real-time actionable business insights and various predictive models preventing incidents before they occur. We have developed a number of innovative tools to preempt potential issues leading to a substantial reduction of reactive incidents.

Highlights of our preemptive approach:

  • Automated monitoring to preempt incidents
  • Predictive analytics based on trends to preempt future incidents
  • In-life intelligence to avoid occurrence of issues in production environment
  • Technical debt elimination to eliminate code defects proactively

Virtusa Preemptive Application Services

Success stories:

  • For a telco giant, we provided preemptive application service management using innovative tools and platforms that resulted in 67% reduction of reactive incidents. Our solution included social analytics, profiling of orders, faults and jobs, monitoring of databases, file systems and transaction, exception monitoring.
  • For a global insurer, we established a command center to preemptively monitor their applications and systems. Our solution helped the client improve time to complete FNOL and other financial transactions that resulted in significant improvement in process efficiecny.