Reducing business cost by compressing effort

Our solution drives automation through an array of accelerators powered by industry best practices such as LEAN, KANBAN and gamification enabling enterprises to compress effort across the entire application service management lifecycle.

We compress effort to drive higher efficiencies and thereby reducing business cost through:
  • Runbook automation for auto housekeeping activities, scheduling jobs, auto- reporting, daily health checks etc.
  • Standardization of process & tools complying with best-in-class practices, removing redundancy of tools, and optimizing team pyramids etc.
  • Enhancing operations efficiency by eliminating non-value add activities through implementation of LEAN, KANBAN
  • Improving workforce efficiency by using Pareto analysis, shift-left, cross skilling and gamification
Virtusa Application ServicesSuccess stories:
  • For a large media company, we improved efficiencies by 25% through process standardization, and implementing LEAN and automation of standard tasks. We developed a customer academy to measure and upgrade skills which helped in cross skilling and up skilling of resources improving productivity by 15%.
  • For a telco giant, we automated 70% of the standard tasks through Runbook Automation. We rationalized 20% of the applications and 30% of the applications were made zero-touch through autonomics. We deployed a gamification framework to improve personal productivity by 20%.