Delivering application efficiency of 35-55% beyond offshoring arbitrage

Today the focus of the CIO is to align with service providers who can drive higher efficiencies to fund the digital transformation as well as bring ideas and approaches to align better with business. Our Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) offering delivers significant efficiencies by systemically eliminating effort & rationalizing the application portfolio. Our overall proposition focuses on delivering higher efficiencies and better business alignment with unparalleled transparency.

Our key differentiators

  • The Lineage Difference : We have codified the learning from the ISV world into a set of tools & processes to improve apps portfolio across all our engagements – support to transformation.
  • The Ecosystem Difference : Through use of platforms like V+ and concepts like gamification & leaderboards we make the work place more collaborative, open and competitive which helps drive higher productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • The Tooling Difference : Our automated tools like ERA help eliminate technical debt and improve shelf life of the applications and tools like LogAnalyzer, RelMan, AutoEnv, vPoint etc help drive higher efficiencies and better visibility of operations.
  • The Approach Difference : We take a ‘Business First’ approach and collaborate with you to identify what is important for your business, tune our operating model and sign up to deliver the results.
  • The Mindset Difference : Collaborative governance process is at the core of our delivery philosophy through our Co-Govern framework – providing deep visibility into the last level of work, by code, by associate, by application, by ticket.

Business benefits

  • Innovative Service Approach: We not only focus on delivering higher operational efficiencies but also enable better business alignment and making the IT estate leaner and better.
  • Delivery Excellence: We deliver excellence through a dis-proportionate investment on processes and tools, many of which have been developed in-house. In addition, we are able to bring a gamified experience to our employees through the use of leaderboards and to our customers through our ‘Co-govern’ initiative.
  • Reduced TCO: Our ‘Cost take out’ framework helps us deliver cost reductions of 25-55% over and above standard offshore arbitrage and productivity benefits.

Our ASM approach

Our ASM offering takes a more holistic approach, delivers higher IT and business value and provides an unparalleled transparency into operations.

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Application Management Framework

Our ASM practice takes a holistic approach in driving sustained benefits and aims at achieving increased ROI with leaner IT applications through our matured managed application service framework.

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Preemptive application service management by leveraging real-time actionable business insights and predictive models.

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Improving business agility by accelerated resolution of business issues.

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Driving automation through an array of accelerators powered by industry best practices enabling enterprises to compress effort across the entire application service management lifecycle.

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Cost Take-Out Framework

The primary goal of our Operational Excellence is to provide high cost take out through a rigorous efficiency drive program, while maintaining or improving SLA performance.

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