Application Services Re-imagined

Today, IT has become an integral part of every business and plays a pivot role in accelerating time-to-market, reducing cost and providing a better and predictable service. However the degree of alignment of IT to business can make a big difference to the business outcomes.

Our approach has always been on accelerating business outcomes and hence we always tend to take a business down approach to application service management rather than IT up. Our application service offerings address three key expectations business has from IT:

  • Eliminating business disruption through preemption: We leverage real-time actionable business insights, predictive analytics, automated monitoring, in-life intelligence to not only take automated action on alerts but also remove the root cause of incidents-preventing future incidents based on past performance trends. Read more
  • Improving business agility by accelerating response to business issues: We make use of our deep domain expertise to prioritize business issues as per their impact on the overall business performance. Autonomics, heat maps and various self-healing mechanisms are provided for faster resolution. Read more
  • Driving effort compression through automation: At Virtusa, we provide automation powered by innovation and industry best practices to compress and eliminate effort across the entire application service management lifecycle, thereby driving year on year cost reductions. Read more

Our Simplify IT® framework brings together innovative platforms, industry best practices and domain knowledge to eliminate business disruptions, improve business agility and reduce business cost.

We have delivered large scale business benefits for clients, some of which include:

  • We helped a leading telecom company reduce reactive incidents by 67% through proactive monitoring and targeted automation.
  • At a leading ratings agency, we provided automation of repetitive manual activities and data requests and reduced service requests by over 20%. We also helped remove 54% of the technical debt and thereby reduce critical incidents by 35%.

  • For a large insurer, we delivered 40% cost savings in 3 years through automation.

Application Development

Our application development methodology helps CIOs understand how to align IT more closely with the needs of the business and extract greater value from their IT investments.

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Application Modernization

At Virtusa, we leverage best-of-breed packages and open-source components and frameworks to reduce code footprint, improve agility and build extensible application platforms for the future.

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Application Support and Maintenance

Virtusa has a well-defined and mature application maintenance process which allows effective capture, reporting and resolution of maintenance requests.

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