Subscriber 360+ driving better business opportunities for CSPs

Large and global Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have access to terabytes of customer data which is often trapped in silos across multiple systems, channels and Lines of Business (LOB’s). This data doesn’t provide a single view of the customer. This leads to poor customer segmentation impacting experience. At the same time, lack of real-time information about the customer reduces the opportunities to provide personalized services. CSPs have started to realize this issue and are looking for various options to make the maximum use of this available data in order to serve their customers better.

Typically the key challenges faced by CSPs include:

  • Customer records been split in multiple systems (for e.g. same customer who has subscribed for multiple services such as mobile network, broadband, and Direct-to-Home satellite TV etc.)
  • Availability of just static information and lack of dynamic information of the customer
  • Lack of/ineffective customer segmentation
  • Excessive duplication of records and data redundancy across production services
  • Mergers and acquisitions between CSPs require huge and unstructured data to be rationalized and mapped

Subscriber 360+ Solution

Virtusa’s Subscriber 360 Plus has been developed with a focus on providing a single view of the customer’s information across product/service lines, accounts and LOBs. The key highlights of our differentiated solutions include:

  • Aggregating data across multiple business units and functionally disparate systems to create a single reference of the customer
  • Adoption of consistent processes & policies to standardize data and incorporate business ad customer centric rules to eliminate incorrect data from entering the system
  • Dynamic profiling of customer leveraging real time insights across orders, billing records, activities, incidents and transaction details
  • Customer segmentation based on demographics including ARPU, insight into family and friends, geo- location etc. driving real-time insights

Further, to optimally manage and create a comprehensive 360+ degree view of the customer, Virtusa’s solution leverages deeper insights into customers encompassing:

  • Multiple devices used by the customer
  • Family and friends
  • Applications (Social media, subscription, OTT, IPTV etc.)

Business Benefits

  • Improved sales process up to 25% by profiling and segmenting the data based on buying and usage patterns
  • Increased up-sell/cross sell opportunities by 30% via ‘single version of the truth’ for the master data integrated with other lines of businesses
  • Reduced customer churn up to 15% & enhanced customer experience by understanding the insights and offering personalized services
  • Improved data accuracy up to 98% and reduced duplication issues up to 95%