Delivering a Compelling Customer Experience for CSPs through Innovative Digital Solutions

Technology innovation, evolving customer demand, and heightened competition are continuously reshaping business for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). In response, CSPs are under pressure to quickly introduce new digital products and services to market and provide a consistent and compelling experience to consumers across touch points.

Challenges CSPs face include:

  • An inconsistent customer experience across channels
  • A fragmented or incomplete customer journey
  • An inability or limited ability to provide self-service capabilities
  • Legacy platforms that provide no or limited support for newer technologies
  • No centralized, comprehensive view of the customers/customer segments across systems

Omnichannel Solution

Virtusa’s Omnichannel solution overlays on existing legacy systems, enhances the customer experience, reduces total cost of ownership and enables faster time-to-market. Omnichannel reimagines the customer journey, identifies areas for process and system optimization, and includes the creation of cross-channel modular components. The key features include:

  • Single platform providing Omni channel capabilities (mobile, call center, IVR, social, Portal, PoS etc.)
  • Dynamic sales catalogue providing flexibility for users to change product bundles
  • Subscriber 360 degree to provide static and dynamic view of the customer
  • Inbuilt analytics engine to recommend centralized real-time offers based on customer segmentation
  • Modular components across the platform to drive configurability (70%) and reusability (60%) and scalability to accelerate time-to-market
  • API driven architecture across the components to drive self-service and integration capabilities

Omnichannel – Key Differentiators

The Omnichannel solution is delivered by a team with a deep understanding of telecommunications and proven technical expertise using a robust Accelerated Solution Design (ASD) framework and reusable solution accelerators.

Accelerated Solution Design

Our Accelerated Solution Design (ASD) processes foster collaboration and bring together feedback from a diverse group of stakeholders and subject matter experts to provide a holistic and actionable outcome.

How Our Solutions Use ASD

  • Conceptual Design & Roadmap: Aligns organization’s stakeholders around an accepted vision and helps establish a roadmap for an initiative
  • Customer Experience: Transforms vision for a new and improved customer experience into reality by defining and visualizing change elements
  • Solution Selection: Using rapid prototyping and vendor evaluation, it helps an organization finalize a software solution from multiple under consideration
  • Solution Design Through requirements definition and prototyping that includes technical design, data and interface requirements, it enables a project to rapidly progress to the development phase

Business Benefits

  • Improved customer experience satisfaction ratings increasing from 30% to 70% delivering channel agnostic self-service capabilities
  • API driven architecture helping reduce order processing time by 50%
  • 15% increase in revenue through cross and upsell opportunities through customer segmentation and recommendation
  • 15% reduction in organization operating expenditures (OPEX)
    • 30% reduction in IT OPEX through delivering omni-channel transformation through a single platform
    • 20% reduction in call centre & retail FTE cost by delivering self-service capabilities
  • Reduction in Customer churn rate by 5 – 15% by proactively identifying customer sentiments