Driving CSPs to proactively manage and monitor networks

A decade ago, Communication Service Providers (CSP) were focused only on voice calls and SMS, so were their Operational Support Systems (OSS) and processes. As businesses evolved, there was more emphasis on Value Added Services (VAS), but unfortunately these old legacy systems designed to accommodate voice calls and SMS based services were unable to support and accommodate the new VAS and data services. Additionally, in the current times, we have seen a sudden surge in the OTT market where everyday a new player emerges and creates a havoc for operators through their unrealistic bandwidth utilization.

CSPs need to uniquely position themselves to champion network and device monitoring solutions and services given their role delivering connectivity and storage solutions such as LAN, WAN, VPN, IPVPN, access, and data centers to a wide variety of businesses. The key challenges they face include:

  • Multiple and siloed OSS stacks
  • Inability to identify business and customer impacts in case of events
  • Lack of 360 degree view of the network
  • More reactive approach to problems than proactive and preventive ones
  • Inability to optimize the network to support future demand

Intelligent Network Decision Support System (INDSS)

Virtusa has developed and implemented an overlay Network Decision Support System suite which provides an intelligent and predictive decision support system enabling CSPs to monitor devices and optimize network utilization.

Our solution measurably improves operating efficiency, creating business value for CSPs. The key features of our solution include:

  • Correlational view of network, services (VAS, OTT, SaaS etc.), operations, customer and billing in the event of network incidents
  • Predictive analytics based on machine learning algorithms to improve proactive resolution and SLA adherence.
  • Accurate identification of main fault location with specifically designed algorithms
  • Decision support system to automate the next based actions
  • Network orchestration system to seamlessly integrate with SDN and provide self-remediation/healing networks

An OSS that is Seamlessly Integrated with Legacy Systems through SDN/NFV

Business Benefits

  • 40% improvement in SLA adherence by proactively identifying the incidents and performance issues
  • 30% reduction in service desk and technician dispatch (truck roll) cost
  • Single consolidated view of network and impacted customers helping to deliver self-service capabilities for retail and enterprise business
  • 95% improvement in ‘Right First Time’ and 70% improvement in fault management accuracy