Turn Data into Insight & Accelerate Business Outcomes

With Communication Service Providers (CSPs) acquiring increasingly global footprint and unprecedented volume of digital terabytes, managing data is becoming a serious challenge. To make informed business decisions and achieve market leadership, CSPs need better insight about their customers, their internal processes and the market at large. They are coping with a growing number of communication channels, proliferation of data sources and increase in consumer touch points, hence they need actionable insights to enable better and more informed decision-making.

However, the key challenges they face include:

  • Tremendously increasing data volumes
  • Growing need of real-time information (Data which previously used batch process) for faster business decisions
  • Addressing proliferating customer expectations (hence improving top-line revenue) and improving partner ecosystem (hence integrating with other verticals)
  • Lack of data to correlate network, services, customer, billing, operations and revenue data seamlessly
  • Resource intensive and high CAPEX/OPEX models that need to be developed to perform analytics on existing data structures
  • Inability to integrate with partner channels/enterprises

Virtusa’s Data Monetization Solution

Our solution provides data warehousing and analytics on a single platform which seamlessly integrates with OSS-BSS stack and provides information on customers, operations, billing and social media across B2C and B2B clients. This platform has prebuilt accelerators to pre-integrate with structured and unstructured data across technologies and provide real-time view on business and customers.

The key features of our solution include

  • Real-time information about customer profiles and their geo locations to provide personalized services
  • Seamlessly integrate customers with our partner channels (Retail, Healthcare, Banking etc.)
  • Subscription based APIs for enterprises to get better insight of production services
  • Immediate access to customer usage buying behavior and sentiment analysis to enable cross-sell & upsell opportunities
  • Real-time view on network utilization and optimization to make informed decisions on different ways of monetizing data

Business Benefits

  • 2-5% improvement in topline revenue through seamless integration with partner channels
  • 30% improvement in cross-sell, upsell opportunities by providing customer segmentation and geo-analytics
  • 30% improvement in network utilization through network optimization and maintenance
  • Monetizing the network by on-boarding more customers on the same network through intelligent network management
  • Single platform across LOBs and business functions (Business, IT, operations, Marketing, Product Management)