Telecom Solutions

Virtusa understands the challenges Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face. We deliver next-generation solutions and industry leading capabilities that will enable your organization to tackle these challenges, including:

Enhance Customer Experience

Digital Launchpad

We have engineered the Digital LaunchPad solution with strong focus on reimagining customer journeys and identifying areas for optimization cutting across all channels.

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Subscriber 360+

We have developed Subscriber 360+ with a focus on providing a single view of the customer’s information across product/service lines, accounts and LOBs.

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Optimize CAPEX and OPEX

Robotic Process Automation

We deliver comprehensive end-to-end RPA solution which provides an agile and scalable approach to robotic process automation

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Intelligent Network Decision Support System (INDSS)

Our overlay Network Decision Support System suite which provides an intelligent and predictive decision support system enabling CSPs to monitor devices and optimize network utilization.

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Revenue Assurance

We provide robotics driven process automation, analytics driven revenue assurance processes and data integration and quality tools which builds a proactive and preventive revenue management platform.

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Field Engineering Management

We deliver a rules-driven test and diagnostics solution supported by a mobile app to facilitate real-time diagnostics and optimize field engineers’ efficiency.

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Improve Topline Revenue

Data Monetization

Our solution provides Data Warehousing and analytics on a single platform helping CSPs to monetize and cross-integrate with other verticals across B2C and B2B clients.

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SMART Internet of Things

We bring together a platform enabling operators to quickly test concepts in the space of connected cars, smart homes, e-health, and usage-based Insurance and adopt to newer technologies.

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Contextual Real-time Offers

We deliver comprehensive contextualization capability that includes dynamic product catalogue, BSS adapters, supplier integration & analytics.

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