Outsourcing Services

Infrastructure Management Services

Today, the IT infrastructure is strained to its breaking point by new technologies, ever-changing customer needs, and shrinking budgets. For Communication Service Providers (CSPs), staying ahead of the competition requires an infrastructure that is flexible and scalable to respond to this dynamic environment while delivering enhanced customer experiences.

Virtusa’s infrastructure practice focuses on providing business-ready, nimble enterprise services that link CSP’s outcomes to business needs. Our philosophy is based on the three tenets of:

  • Glass House (transparency across operations)
  • Scale Out (monitoring and service enablement)
  • Rising Tide (knowledge integration for autonomics)

Our key focus is to Simplify IT® operations leveraging a powerful combination of people, process and platform.

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Independent Validation Services

For Communications Service Providers (CSPs), we deliver 40% better quality, 50% faster test cycle execution and 30% lower cost of testing. These accelerated business outcomes are achieved through our disruptive QA tools & approach.

Highlights of our QA offering:

  • Product engineering heritage: Our experience of working with thousands of product releases in cost constrained environment has led us to adopt innovative solutions
  • Innovative tools and accelerators that plug in with industry standard platforms like QTP & Selenium
  • Test execution transformed to business contribution through process reduction, improved quality, and compressed UAT and production defects
  • SLA and metric driven approach, coupled with a robust project governance methodology and transparent execution philosophy
  • Creating a permanent climate within an organization for continuous QA improvement
  • 18+ years of proven QA experience with more than 4000 dedicated QA professionals

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Application Services

Today, IT has become an integral part of CSPs and plays a pivot role in accelerating their time-to-market, reducing cost and providing a better and predictable service. However, the degree of alignment of IT to business can make a big difference to the business outcomes.

Our approach has always been on accelerating business outcomes and hence we always tend to take a business down approach to application service management rather than IT up. Our application service offerings address three key expectations business has from IT:

  • Eliminating business disruption through preemption: We leverage real-time actionable business insights, predictive analytics, automated monitoring, in-life intelligence to not only take automated action on alerts but also remove the root cause of incidents-preventing future incidents based on past performance trends. Read more
  • Improving business agility by accelerating response to business issues: We make use of our deep domain expertise to prioritize business issues as per their impact on the overall business performance. Autonomics, heat maps and various self-healing mechanisms are provided for faster resolution. Read more
  • Driving effort compression through automation: At Virtusa, we provide automation powered by innovation and industry best practices to compress and eliminate effort across the entire application service management lifecycle, thereby driving year on year cost reductions. Read more

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