Next-gen OSS

CSPs constantly look out for cost-effective service delivery partners who can help with cohesive enterprise strategies from inception to implementation. The highly competitive and mature telecom market exerts tremendous pressure on operators to cut operational costs, improve customer experience and maximize operational efficiency. Hence, it is essential that a telecom operator quickly responds to market and technology changes, satisfy customers’ needs, and reduce operational expenditure (OPEX).

Operational Support System (OSS) and Business Support System (BSS) form the crux of CSP’s business. They enable CSPs to manage their networks, business processes and their customer relations. Additionally, they form a key part of the Service Delivery Environment (SDE), allowing them to deploy advanced services such as IMS, IPTV, Web services etc. to their customers. OSS software applications allow the IT teams to manage the operational processes helping them to focus on the network and services, including service quality monitoring, network and server performance and provisioning.

For CSPs to operate with higher profitability, their OSS must meet the following requirements:

  • Automated service provisioning for fast service fulfillment
  • Proactive and reactive monitoring for end-to-end quality assurance
  • Efficient and effective ticket handling, and
  • Highly automated co-relation engine to analyse the business, service and customer impact in case of incidents

What do we offer?

Virtusa B/OSS solution offers a wide a range of advanced network management and business management features that spans across core telecom functions like billing and real time charging, service fulfillment, service assurance, service delivery platforms, and network management. Virtusa’s expertise in building robust solutions around the BSS/OSS space coupled with its in-depth domain experience helps CSPs address their most complex problems in specific areas such as data integration & quality management and business process management.

Our OSS solution is engineered to increase the stack performance by 90\% with improved flexibility and faster time-to-market of new products/services.

What Sets Us Apart

Our determined culture to accelerate business outcomes combined with a decade of experience serving large and global CSPs sets us apart from the competition.

Some of the real-time benefits delivered by our solution includes:

  • Improved stack performance
  • Huge reduction in licensing costs; savings over £4 M incurred towards the COTS product
  • 40\% reduction in development time
  • SLA adherence by 95\% with continuous process improvement frameworks to achieve 98\% SLA adherence
  • Improved customer experience via modified OSS stack by enabling a single view of customer operations and network operations
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Reduced number of manual touch points by automating the processes

Proactive fault analytics platform to allow faster addition of new products/workflows