Digital Services

We believe that when an innovative idea comes together with simple, beautiful design and powerful, flexible technology, it can change the way people see their world. Read more on our digital offerings.

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management (CEM) has a direct bearing on perception at different customer touch points. Today’s user is looking for seamless transition from offline to online channels and anticipates seamless levels of information accuracy and consistency during these change phases. Our customer experience management solutions influence various functional areas of Communication Service Providers (CSPs) including:

  • Sales/revenue surge through increased web/mobile impressions
  • Increased marketing effectiveness through better campaign management/personalization
  • Customer service through interactive portals and seamless cross-channel service
  • Employee/customer engagement through social & collaborative communities and brand building through UI/UX Organizational content management to deliver high value during and after customer interactions

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The current decade has seen a massive user shift in the direction of mobile applications driving Communication Service Providers (CSPs) towards the most phenomenal transformation initiatives ever. Mobile devices are no more an on-the-go means of communication but a gateway to the realm of redefining business, e-commerce and promise unprecedented potential for creating unique value for businesses.

While this frenetic pace of technological evolution calls for a steep adoption trajectory for enterprise mobility across industries, substantial business risk and challenges are to be expected, as in any reaction to disruption.

With our strong engineering heritage and long-standing consulting expertise, combined with award-winning expertise in the creative and development of mobile solutions, we maximize the power of CSPs to:

  • Provide targeted and highly personalized user experiences
  • Provide a unified experience across digital devices and in-store
  • Offer a personal touch to build high quality customer relationships

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Enterprise Information Management

Our Enterprise Information Management (EIM) practice provides solutions and services built and aligned to emerging trends and needs that support critical business decisions. We build an ecosystem to transform raw data into actionable insights. We drive efficiency and expand opportunities for monetizing data assets with the modernization of the legacy data architecture. Our consulting offerings enables you to layout Data & Analytics roadmap and help CSPs monetize critical data assets. Our proven delivery methodology, expertise in 40+ tools and platforms and 1350+ global consultant base helps deliver scalable and cost-effective solutions.

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Cloud based integrated digital systems and processes have become central to a CSP’s digital business strategy and key to digital transformation across industries. A new wave of cloud-based services is now rapidly emerging to provide higher value business services.

Virtusa’s cloud practice helps CSPs implement strategies for innovative, enterprise-wide digital transformation.

  • Focus on cloud led industry-wide application transformation
  • Best-of-breed tools, & frameworks for large enterprise cloud programs
  • Solution accelerators spanning all stages of life cycle – Analysis, Design, Implementation and Testing
  • World-class cloud solutions involving hybrid architectures
  • Strategic alliances and offerings with industry leading cloud service providers like AWS, SFDC, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute, Cisco, NetSuite

Virtusa’s cloud offerings span the entire software spectrum from assessment, migration, implementation and integration. Our key differentiators coupled with our best-of-breed cloud capabilities enable CSPs get the best out of cloud computing world- reduce cost, increase business agility, and sharpen business acumen. Read more