Business Transformation Services

Business Consulting

Business today presents a complex picture. While CSPs grapple between the twin requirements of ‘Run the business’ and ‘Develop the business’. Virtusa understands the imperatives. There is a real need to:

  • Shift from the traditional, single-perspective approach of ‘expert advice’ consulting
  • Design innovative solutions that are quick and effective
  • Enable change through swift and efficient implementation

Virtusa helps CSPs to accelerate superior decision making through a collaborative workshop-based approach. Our methods encourage cross-pollination of creative ideas from different disciplines using different paradigms.

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Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) has seen high levels of adoption among large and medium scale Communication Service Providers (CSPs) as a management practice dedicated to driving core automation benefits such as cost efficiencies, faster time-to-market and improved customer service.

  • Since 2000, Virtusa, a best-in-class provider of BPM consulting, has served several CSPs through its integrated set of end-to-end BPM service offerings, enabling them to achieve customer-centricity, productivity and enhanced business outcomes
  • Our robust business process management consulting and successful implementations on dynamic case management, process management, collaboration and governance have created compelling evidence of its BPM thought leadership eventually making Virtusa the best among BPM solution and service providers
  • With more than 100+ BPM implementations, Virtusa has made significant investments in building IP solutions and engineering rigor
  • Its industry & enterprise solutions such as Complaints & Compliments Management Solution for leisure & hospitality industry, Patient Care Management solution for healthcare, Client On-boarding solution for capital markets, Claim Management solution for trade credit and Business Process Competency Center (BPCC) are an outcome of our years of domain & technical experience in these verticals
  • Our on-going focus in BPM solutions is leveraging on predictive & decision analytics and mobility & social media to shape the changing dynamics of customer-supplier relationship from the process improvement perspective

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