Revenue Assurance

A decade ago, the global operations of large telecom companies were siloed and followed a manual operating process which made these companies employ a huge number of operational staff to manage their day-to-day reconciliations. Every process was either manual or using spreadsheets based on exports from numerous internal systems. Due to this, the reconciliation process was never 100% accurate and lacked the capability to map the potential areas of revenue leakage. This scenario is hard to envisage today due to the sheer customer volumes. Large telecom companies almost certainly have automation around the process, and probably a much lower head count engaged in the process. But there is still no robust revenue assurance process to ensure dispute resolution eliminate revenue leakage.

Considering this much bigger picture, most of these large telecom companies recognise the need to have a centralized supplier spend repository to provide visibility to finance and display the presence of key teams responsible for raising disputes and negotiating contracts. The inability to reconcile supplier spends tied to customer accounts with amounts billed provides an opportunity to build a robust revenue assurance solution.

What do we offer?

Virtusa’s revenue assurance solution helps in reducing the revenue leakages across the IT processes; assuring proper roaming and interconnect settlements. Our solution directly provides root causes of leakages, improving business productivity. It also helps clients address their revenue assurance backlogs inherent to multiple sectors; be it wireless, fixedline, cable MSPs or MVNOs. In addition, our solution also assures revenue for content management, data integfconnect settlementsssurance toolrity for service orders and provisioning, and assure correct charging and billing the end customers apart from revenue management in marketing, campaign management, offer development and lead management.

Our solution is engineered to reduce the time required to implement best-in-class revenue management practices by 30% and boost business productivity by 85%.

What Sets Us Apart

Our determined culture to accelerate business outcomes combined with a decade of experience serving large and global CSPs sets us apart from the competition.

Some of the key benefits of our solution includes:

  • Provided annual financial benefit of 140-180M in billing and collections working capital by implementing short and medium term process changes
  • Reduced lead to cash cycle time from 126 days to 60 days
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Higher profitability
  • Higher business productivity
  • Accelerated time-to-market of new products and services