Interconnect Billing

A very few markets are as competitive as the wholesale telecom market. With many players around, complex policies, and diverse partners constantly in flux, the need for a reliable, scalable solution has increased drastically. Interconnect billing systems manage the pricing of all incoming and outgoing interconnect Call Data Records (CDRs). Usually, an interconnect price is determined for both incoming and outgoing interconnect CDRs on the basis of the incoming or outgoing trunk interconnect route that carries the call. Many a times, a trunk ID represents a unique interconnect partner in the billing ecosystem.

What we offer

Virtusa’s interconnect billing solution is a comprehensive, yet cost-effective solution which helps CSPs simplify their control of complex interconnect agreements and processes for optimal returns and effectiveness. Our integrated solution provides the ability to build reference data based on interconnect agreements with acceptance and validation of call information. Our solution maximizes profitability by looking at your business from every angle, be it rating, billing, settlement, discounting, bilateral and refile agreements or automated reconciliations. In addition, our solution provides a mechanism to ensure an acceptable ROI through advanced features like interconnect data analysis and least cost routing thereby delivering an extra revenue advantage to the CSPs.

What Sets Us Apart

Our determined culture to accelerate business outcomes combined with a decade of experience serving large and global CSPs sets us apart from the competition.

Some of the real-time benefits delivered by our solution includes:

  • Secure revenue
  • Easy management of vendors and third party relationships
  • Quicker time-to-market of new products/services
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Complete call data analysis and statistics