Debt Management

Most CSPs which offer post-paid service or service rate plans today face many financial challenges in this fragile economic scenarios. More and more subscribers fall behind on their payments schedules, make late payments every month and increase their churn risk. Anticipating this behavior and their profile, debt/collections actions can be effectively prioritised leaving habitual late payers to self-cure and focusing resources on high risk, high value customers.

By integrating the right tools and technologies with your B/OSS platform, both automatic and manual provisioning can be achieved. The key actions such as suspension, termination & re-activation, barring & debarring and throttling & download restrictions can easily be applied to encourage as well as reward on-time payments.

What we offer

Virtusa’s debt/collections management solution can help CSPs recover debt faster through its inbuilt predictive analytics and other intelligent collections frameworks/strategies with real-time usage limit monitoring. Virtusa’s proposition for debt/collections management for CSPs places pro-active and intelligent customer segmentation within the core collection processes to build dynamic and tailored collections strategies for each delinquent customer. Besides providing a fully automated and configurable framework, the solution also integrates all functional processes/ modules related to receivables management, debt recovery, call center & agent dunning, preventive collections, offer payment options & negotiations, bad-debt recovery and outsourcing collections, with commission management.

What Sets Us Apart

Our determined culture to accelerate business outcomes combined with a decade of experience serving large and global CSPs sets us apart from the competition.

Some of the real-time benefits delivered by our solution includes:

  • Achieved 20% greater revenue realisation
  • Increased operational efficiency to 95% by automating debt management features.
  • Reduced operational overheads by 110 hours per month.
  • Reduced collections costs and time to collect
  • Increased cash flow
  • Reduced account delinquencies
  • Improved customer retention and loyalty
  • Improved revenue reconciliation process