Virtusa helps CSPs Unlock Their Business Potential By Empowering Them To Accelerate Business Outcomes

As the top line revenues continue to decrease for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with the emergence of Over-The-Top (OTT) services, the need for a robust infrastructure setup to efficiently accommodate the emerging service trends has grown phenomenally. In addition, peak data traffic volumes put enormous pressure on the infrastructure leading to higher investment in CAPEX and OPEX. On the contrary, services such as Machine to Machine (M2M), Internet of Things (IoT) and Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) expand the revenue horizons for CSPs thereby creating new venues for revenue generation.

Communication Service Provider’s business objectives

  • Building comprehensive digital capability and self-service features
  • Delivering real-time contextual customer experience
  • Consolidating products and services
  • Building platform to cross-integrate with other verticals
  • Ensuring reliable, flexible and superior service quality networks
  • Monetising data, infrastructure and services

Virtusa’s Next Gen Telco solutions are designed to accelerate time-to-market, simplify processes and deliver business outcomes

Virtusa’s telecom industry experience working with global tier-1 telecom companies equips us with the in-depth knowledge and expertise required to address even the most complex problems in the telecom domain. Virtusa leverages its deep domain expertise, product engineering heritage, robust platforming approach and partnerships to address its client’s priorities.

Virtusa’s niche telecom industry solutions are engineered to accelerate time-to-market and help clients maintain market leadership by improving topline revenues upto 5%, boosting operating efficiency upto 30% and enhancing customer experience. Be it fixed line, wireless, equipment manufacturers or content providers, Virtusa’s demonstrated telecom expertise empowers clients to accelerate their business outcomes making us their ideal IT telecom solutions provider.

Our next-gen telco solutions include:

Our next-gen telco solutions

Success Stories

Built a ‘Multi-tenant white label’ OSS/BSS stack

  • Delivered capabilities to launch Triple Play
  • Built multi-tenant architecture to support services such as voice, internet access and data services thereby reducing operational cost by 30%
  • Transformed & rationalized 20+ legacy applications into single BSS platform

Rationalised 96 portals into one portal with rich user interface

  • On-boarded 30000+ users and 15000+ enterprises in a span of 24 months
  • Transformed the order journey making it 50% easier
  • Reduced ordering time by increasing auto-filled fields by 30%
  • Redefined customer experience by making the process 10X times faster through an enterprise wide single self-service platform

Delivered an effective service management platform

  • Rationalised 14 service management instances into 1 instance
  • Improved jeopardy management leading to proactive diagnostics
  • Improved operational efficiency by 60% by reducing wasted truck rolls
  • Open source framework helped save licensing cost resulting in £7.5 million savings
  • Reduced average fault processing time by 26%