Pegasystems is an American company that leverages its recognized leadership in Business Process Management (BPM), Multi-Channel Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Rules, and Adaptive Analytics to uniquely give its clients the power to engage customers, simplify operations and Build For Change®. It delivers business agility and empowers leading organizations to rapidly close execution gaps and seize new opportunities. Pegasystems' customers are in various sectors such as financial services, insurance, healthcare, communications & media, life sciences, and government. Pegasystems’ intelligent business process management (iBPM) technology enables CSPs to model, automate, monitor, and optimize their core operational processes. Pega’s order management is built on top of their unified BPM platform to deliver end-to-end intelligent automation of the entire telecom order management lifecycle, from offers to quoting to order capture and order fulfillment orchestration—resulting in lower costs, faster order cycles, and dramatically reduced fallout rates.

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