Our Perspective

The bionic eye of 70’s television icon, Steve Austin, must have been focused on the future of the retailer, with each trying to develop the modern day version of the motto, we can build it, “better, stronger, faster”! While working feverishly to address its Omnichannel, “Immediate” needs consumers - from wanting new, different, personalized goods and services to flexible payment capabilities - today’s retailers need to focus on the right mobility and digital solutions, back office integration requirements and Return on Investment models if their business today expects to see customers tomorrow.

At Virtusa, we have seen a tremendous focus on critical investment areas and plans ranging from web and mobile sites, store management, product development and marketing and advertising initiatives all directed to maximize profitability and down to the consumer level relationship management.

Virtusa helps global retailers move from today’s market into tomorrow while minimizing business risks by blending our rich domain consulting expertise and platform technology heritage to enable organizations to re-invent their business models while maximizing consumer touch.


On March 3rd, 2016, Virtusa Corporation acquired a majority interest in Polaris Consulting & Services Limited. VirtusaPolaris, our new market-facing brand, represents the combined strengths of Virtusa and Polaris, including our strong software engineering heritage, deep domain expertise and focus on applying innovation to solving critical core business issues for clients.

www.virtusapolaris.com, our new website is where we provide our latest thinking.