Digital Media

Digital Media is increasingly in focus at networks with distinct goals:

  1. Expand relationships and deliver more content through Digital & VOD broadcasters
  2. Provide a highly engaging omni-channel experience on the network’s own site and mobile applications

Virtusa specializes in enabling top networks to stay ahead of the digital curve through specific, targeted and personalized content solutions leveraging our platform experience. We help networks tackle various business challenges including lengthy cycle times, disparate and archaic production scheduling and digital distribution systems, insufficient syndication capabilities, and royalty management issues. Specific service offerings include:

  • System development and support services for Production Scheduling, Transcoding, and Digital Distribution. Virtusa enables media organizations to meet demanding release schedules and increase the efficiency of transcoding operations while reducing costs and ensuring seamless digital disribution. Virtusa's rich technological expertise combined with our product building heritage and in-house tools and best practices enables us to adopt a well-defined and mature application development process. Virtusa supports Media clients through the entire application development life cycle - from analyzing their IT requirements to developing focused solutions and maintenance, and on-going support for the applications.
  • Digital strategy consulting
  • Search engine optimization & personalization across site platforms