Search engine optimization and Personalization

Amidst the ever-increasing volume of content available today, be it on internet, extranet or intranet websites, users find it more and more difficult to get relevant and appealing content. Virtusa’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and personalization offerings enable users to overcome these challenges by a tailor-made environment displaying dynamic content that is selected according to their specific needs; be this on the basis of predefined profiles, user selection or interactive user behavior.

Our offering is based on our proprietary solution accelerators and specialized services around specific Web Content Management (WCM) technologies. Our solution accelerators have been designed by leveraging the rich experience gained from our multiple implementation and consultancy projects, and are backed by industry best practices.

We enable print and publishing companies as well as firms operating in the digital media space with the analytic capabilities required to build SEO and personalization into their web experience and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Our SEO offering enables media firms to:

  • Perform SEO Audit on the current website
  • Provide detailed recommendations to improve SEO rankings
  • Implement SEO optimization and show ranking improvements

Our Personalization offering helps organizations:

  • Define 1 to 1 relationships with users
  • Customize end user journey based on their past visits and profile
  • Provide targeted content to users based on preferences
  • Provide intelligent recommendations based on consumption patterns