Cloud migration factory

According to InformationWeek’s 2013 State of Storage survey, rich media is the third most prevalent cause of data storage growth. With budget pressures limiting media spend and complex enterprise storage arrays affecting delivery, organizations in the TV and Films space are looking for a one stop solution that enables seamless file distribution while reducing costs.

Virtusa enables organizations to meet the demand for high-quality content and address issues pertaining to enormous file sizes and complexities associated with multi-platform delivery models with our Cloud migration factory model. The model employs repeatable processes and re-usable artifacts for application migration, and identifies and aligns with organizational platforms (infrastructure and application), architecture blueprints, policies and guidelines.

Virtusa's cloud migration factory comprises 4 phases of analysis, design, planning, implementation and testing as shown below:

Virtusa's Cloud migration factory model

Our cloud migration model helps organizations in the TV and Films industry achieve:

  • Efficient cost control and operational excellence through cost reduction in development, infrastructure, maintenance and component reusability
  • Faster migration with reduced risk and increased scalability
  • Making business more adaptable with rapid technology innovations
  • Transparent IT portfolio with efficient & effective governance

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