Industrial Manufacturing

Innovating to meet customer expectations and establish new business models

The manufacturing industry is grappling with macroeconomic factors, intense competition, and continuous product innovation. In spite of a slow growth environment, it is exciting times in manufacturing and distribution world. Digital technologies such as machine learning, connected devices, additive manufacturing, and robotics, are turbocharging lean processes. These new technologies are developing at an exponentially increasing pace, and organizations must leverage them to stay ahead.

Virtusa's industrial manufacturing solutions cater to the growing demand for innovative strategies to take advantage of digitization and deliver sustainable, profitable growth. We help industrial manufacturers best serve their customers (and themselves) by improving efficiencies, reducing costs, and enhancing performance of factories. We deliver technology platforms and transform operating models to enable connected products and services. Our tools and solution accelerators enable visibility deep into your supply chains; provide insight into production levels, inventory and capacity availability, and better supply chain management.