Patient Engagement

An inability to afford expensive prescriptions continues to be the primary contributor to medication non-adherence and poor health outcomes. In an effort to offset the high costs particularly with new and specialty medications, pharmaceutical companies are rolling out tailored Patient Assistance Programs (PAP). PAPs help patients improve their access to life changing medications.

Despite good intentions, several challenges are affecting the success of PAPs, including:

What We Offer

Virtusa enables life science companies to design and manage Patient Recruitment initiatives and Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs). Our patient-centered and provider-friendly omni-channel platform supports patients who receive free or reduced-cost drugs. The platform can be tailored to the unique needs of the patients, collaborations with hospitals, prescription drug programs, reimbursement structures, compliance standards and much more. Our solution can manage your single PAP program and can consolidate your larger portfolio of PAP programs. This includes facilitating patient recruitment, enrollment, ongoing customer service and Adverse Drug Event (ADE) reporting.

How We Deliver Value

Virtusa’s framework allows pharmaceutical companies to customize and deploy a portfolio-wide PAP solution. We do this through a combination of our medication management core engine and one or more of the supplemental models that support patient recruitment and engagement, compliance and ADE management and reporting.

The key differentiators of our services include:

  • Interventions that are driven with data sourced from patients’ electronic health records unlike many conventional solutions that are based on claims data
  • Innovative social reach that supports patient recruitment and monitoring via social media
  • Rapid development and implementation of a medication adherence intervention platform to cater to a large population

Benefits We Offer

Some of the key benefits of our solution include:

  • Consolidation of large portfolio of PAP programs
  • Facilitation of patient recruitment and enrollment
  • Delivering ongoing customer service
  • Adverse Drug Event (ADE) reporting and analytics