Our clients represent many of the largest and most successful wealth management and retirement services companies within the insurance industry. With the economic downturn, the landscape of Wealth Management has changed dramatically. Traditionally, wealth management services focused on providing innovative and profitable products to grow their top line and offer operational efficiency to improve margins. With the current developments in technology and consumer preferences, wealth management services need to:

  • Offer different distribution channels and seamless integration among channels
  • Provide data driven guidance to empower consumers to make informative decisions
  • Deliver analytical models to project futuristic value of the portfolio
  • Provide alternative investments combined in the portfolio

Our response is specific – services and solutions that help our wealth management and retirement services clients address:

  • Legacy Modernization: Transform their legacy policy administration and claims management systems for agility and reduced cost of ownership
  • Customer Experience: Provide new channels and multi-channel integration to offer a seamless and enhanced customer experience
  • Data Lineage and Data Strategy: provides an approach to traverse from end-of-the-line data elements to the system of origin to conduct a data lineage analysis.
  • Millennial Solutions: Provide sophisticated tools using location data, social, mobility, analytics and cloud for the millennial customers and workforce

Innovation Sets Us Apart! We break down silos, leverage our wealth management and retirement services industry knowledge, and apply enabling technologies to generate new ideas and deliver real value.
Success story
Virtusa implemented the data lineage and data strategy for one of the leading wealth management and retirement services company in the US.