Sales Force Automation

Recent studies have shown that Productivity is the greatest constraint for Insurance Sales and Distribution Objectives. Key examples of these objectives include:
• Improve cross/upsell and penetration rates
• Higher Client Retention
• Lower recruitment and onboarding costs
These are all symptoms of the same root cause - inadequate Sales Force Knowledge Management and Automation Processes for both direct/field agent and channel sales. Today’s CRM solutions aim to close the sales distribution optimization gap for Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation and Service /Support, but this requires both strategic and tactical CRM knowledge capabilities to include Digital Technologies, business consulting, big data/analytics and a deep understanding of the emerging millennial workforce.
Enterprises have leveraged CRM systems to stay connected with their customers and it has become an integral part of the organization’s processes and technology landscape. With the advent and evolution of digital technologies, CRM software vendors have also incorporated social, cloud and mobile technology to meet the changing demands of customers and remain competitive.
Virtusa’s offerings leverage extensive enterprise applications and product development expertise to deliver digital business solutions (applications) on any CRM platform. Virtusa’s offerings include:
Strategy and consulting

  • Perform platform suitability assessment to ensure the compatibility of an application with most cloud environments
  • Formulate CRM strategy and ROI analysis and design architecture
  • Provide organization platforming approach and business roadmap for internal planning and identifying potential problems and opportunities that businesses might face

Packaged software implementation

  • Implementation and customization of CRM to include Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation and Customer Service/Support – Call Center
  • Easy integration of on-premise and other cloud solutions with social, mobile and location based platforms
  • Experience implementing most Packaged and Cloud-based CRM solutions

Custom application development

  • Customize, Evolve and Build applications with Digital and Cloud-based adjacent technologies
  • Provide rapid proof of concepts and reference implementation
  • Re-engineer legacy applications to cloud CRM platform and facilitate data migration for better functionality, time & effort savings to enhance operational efficiencies, unmatched features and scalability