Call Center Transformation

In today’s environment, the insurance workforce and customers (policy holders and service providers) choose 24/7 access as the most important factor for personalized services and ease of doing business. The workforce and customers change insurers because of inefficient systems and poor customer service resulting in the inability to resolve issues which might be simpler in nature. Additionally, policy holders rarely interact with their insurers, making it even more difficult to foster customer loyalty.
In recent times, call centers play a very vital role in customer and work force retention.
Virtusa aligns business and operational needs of insurers to transform the call center operations. When customers contact the call center, they expect an efficient, knowledgeable response to their queries. It’s also important that the workforce help retain customers and offer them additional products at the decisive moment of the interaction. It is equally important, that the insurer monitors for potential fraud and money laundering activities and ensure the regulatory compliance and customer trust. Virtusa enables the insurance call center to successfully address these needs:

  • Timely follow-up with the policy holders for renewal, avert lapsation etc.,
  • Handle billing, quotes and claims inquiries more effectively
  • Process non-financial and few financial endorsements / after sales operations
  • Mitigate the risk of fraud and regulatory non-compliance
  • Significantly reduce turnaround time and increase productivity

Our inherent heritage has already equipped us with collaborative tools that are on social platforms, which include gaming and analytics. This platform is extended to insurers to build brand loyalty and customer experience.