Infrastructure Management (IMS)

Virtusa’s Integrated IT Infrastructure Management Services (i3MS) works on industry wise solutions for its customers. Virtusa partners with technology leading firms to develop bleeding edge of infrastructure offerings for its Insurance customers. Solutions revolve around objectives to meet business objectives and linked back into outcome based operation.

Point of view of Integrated IT infrastructure practice of Virtusa is to ensure that business does not have to think / consider / worry about underlying infrastructure. IT infrastructure is meant to have high availability and reliability if handled with discipline. In short IT infrastructure should be a given in the business world and not a constraint or a consideration.

Infrastructure practice focusses on enabling business by providing business ready nimble infrastructure and ensuring outcome links to needs of Insurance clients.

Outcomes from IT that matter to ensure that business ready nimble infrastructure is available in today’s world are

  • Improve production stability
  • Reduce incident cycle time
  • Improve incident lifecycle management process not just incident management process
  • Improve time to market by reducing failures due to releases and RFC (request for change)
  • Drive synergy between infrastructure and application operation
  • Reduce TCO and not just cost of operation
  • Simplify governance across IT operation
  • Measure metrics that matter for business operation not just IT operation

With traditional infrastructure support services model insurers could drive only efficiency within their IT organization. However with Virtusa's integrated support model customer will be able to drive effectiveness, not just within IT organization but extend the halo to the core business of insurers. While process management, process evolution and operational rigor remain key constituents, Virtusa commits to deliver platform based integrated support architecture leveraging its competency, business process management and effectiveness.

Virtusa’s Integrated IT infrastructure service is integrated due to close binding between IT Infrastructure management and application management services. By extending boundaries of production support to business understanding applications, infrastructure services is be able to link between non-core IT activities to core business processes and ensure production stability. This brings close linkage between insurance applications development environment and non-production for the development of new customized insurance solution or products.

Virtusa’s services and solution will focus on not just availability, serviceability and resilience but as aforesaid basis outcome based processes like application infrastructure integrated utility support model, end to end release management and DevOps operation.

We would like to partner with our customers to align business objectives with the right technologies to achieve strategic long-term results.