A large portion of the IT spend of insurers is in Infrastructure Management. This is expected to grow further. Using state of the art automation features help insurers to reduce cost on “keeping the lights on” and use the budgets to implement transformation change programs that drive growth.

The current infrastructure environment is driven by IT staff for majority of the operational tasks. These staff uses one or more tools that may be partially integrated or work in silos. This makes the decisions driven by staff’s experience and knowledge. The industry is evolving to a more process driven and automated approach to deliver results consistently and objectively.

Virtusa leverages the infrastructure management services with leading edge solutions using Autonomics.
Autonomics use sophisticated processes to not only automate the tasks but also automates the interactions between the tasks. The output of one activity feeds into the next activity and a continual learning environment is nurtured. Virtusa partners with leading Autonomics solution providers to combine industry and application “know how” of the insurer to deliver proven business outcomes.