Innovation Exchange

Innovation Exchange brings the integration between the workplace innovative practices and the processes in software development. The emergence of the millennial workforce and consumer population is driving rapid behavioral changes in the market.

Millennial employees: Work is not a place they go to, but what they do.

Millennial consumers: Expect services on-demand and on the device of their choice.

Virtusa understands this market dynamics and had brought together an Innovation Exchange that provides an enterprise-wide collaborative platform to govern and gamify the software development process. The benefits achieved are:

  • Control and monitor outsourced development projects
  • Ground-up visibility and control across distributed development efforts
  • Increase productivity and encourage participation with leadership scorecards
  • Encourage appreciation of peers and team members
  • Increase productivity, reduce rework and increase future maintainability of the code
  • Promote good reuse across the organization while preventing undesirable reuse
  • Increase leverage and productivity of the central architecture team by many fold
  • Increase collaboration between teams and eliminate duplication of effort