Innovation solutionsInsurance industry like every other industry is going through market disruptions. Disruptions always call for new methods, processes and tools or techniques to accelerate business outcomes. Virtusa, as a leader in accelerating business outcomes has the attitude and the ability to play in the changing landscape with its well proven solutions and services.

We extend our inherent innovative culture to our customers through the following solutions and services:

Millennial and Digital Strategy

Virtusa has enabled insurers to adopt the digital strategy across all their lines of businesses and functional areas.

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Customer Experience

Virtusa provides innovative solutions to insurance organizations that takes the end customer experience to the next level.

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Mobile, Social and Cloud

At Virtusa, we help insurers transform their applications and services for their employees, customers, and their service providers, also offering machine to machine communication.

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Virtusa has a set of technologies that connect users to a network of peers that enable to share information and promote success.

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Innovation Exchange

Virtusa’s social business platform serves as an innovation exchange that focuses on driving employee engagement, innovation and agility and extends to co-create and collaborate with end custom

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Big Data and Data Analytics

Virtusa’s Big Data and Analytics capability and insurance domain expertise help us cater to the varying needs of insurers.

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Digital Marketing

Virtusa’s deep expertise and focused solutions for digital marketing will help you make the best out of your digital investments.

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Usage-based Insurance

Virtusa’s rich expertise in the insurance industry and deep focus in the areas of mobility and analytics has uniquely placed us as a unique enabler to help insurers adopt usage based insurance

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Paperless Insurance

Virtusa provides innovative and seamless paperless insurance solutions for enhances customer experience.

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