Operational Excellence

Virtusa enables insurers to drive operational excellence in specific areas of claims, underwriting and distribution management. We transform key aspects that have a direct or indirect impact on operational excellence including business process re-engineering, rule and product engine configurations, pricing, automation, risk modeling & portfolio management and business transformation.

We have developed transformation programs with our partner Enlighten OPEX to improve our client’s ability to understand and optimize operational performance (recognize potential and remove waste) through the introduction of new metrics and management methods. The 20 week OPEX transformation delivers:

  • Savings measured in millions, with paybacks measured in months, not years
  • Positive, cumulative cash flows in less than six months
  • Guaranteed 40–100 % sustainable improvements in productivity
  • Significant improvements in quality and customer satisfaction
  • Greater visibility and control over back- and middle-office operations
  • Empowered and engaged workforce