Accelerated Solution Design

Insurance business is changing every day, coping with the emergence of new technologies (both augmentative and disruptive), heightened customer expectations, new regulatory frameworks and a rigorous focus on efficiency (resource, cost and process), to name a few. In such an environment of competing demands, the need to align around a common business problem is a challenge. Best practices in consulting can help companies address challenges effectively.

Virtusa takes a pragmatic business consulting approach and uses its Accelerated Solution Design (ASD) methodology to fast-track program delivery and to improve discipline around requirements capture. We customize the ASD approach to meet varying needs of insurance firms. We work collaboratively with our clients to identify pain points and challenges faced by insurance organizations, and come up with an effective roadmap and implementation plan, thereby mitigating risk as well as ensuring project success.

Our ASD approach provides the following benefits:

  • Improved time to market for insurance products and services through faster implementation
  • Higher transparency and stakeholder alignment with business objectives
  • Improved efficiency in requirements gathering
  • Increased compliance with changing regulations in the industry
  • Better alignment with long term vision of the insurance industry

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