Business Information Services

Virtusa has specifc offerings that focus on leveraging information for the needs of the business. Our business information services span:

  • Ratings: Virtusa's has extensive experience in managing the life cycle of a credit rating for an obligor for debt security or other financial obligations. Virtusa has been supporting some of the top companies in this space helping them manage the ratings process using cutting edge technologies like BPM solutions, Editorial Solutions, Mobility Services and other core services

  • Equity Research: Virtusa’s financial services consulting arm specializing in equity and other financial products, provide strong domain skills to the technology horizontals to provide intuitive and thought provoking solutions to the current industry problems.

  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance: With the ever changing world of regulations, our services are abreast of various compliance related challenges, ranging from financial compliance such as Dodd Frank to ADA compliance benefiting differently abled consumers.