Quality Management Services

Our experience in working with product companies allows us to provide Quality Assurance (QA) services that are tailored specifically to overcome the challenges that ISVs face. This includes specialized processes developed by our Independent Software Quality (ISQ) practice that provides tangible business benefits including accelerated time-to-market and product quality improvements.

QA Center of Excellence / QA strategy consulting

  • Leverage our 1500+ person ISQ team to build or update quality management processes
  • Leverage QA consulting services to assess and evaluate existing testing processes to ensure efficiency, optimize testing coverage and reduce testing costs
  • Evaluate testing requirements and recommend appropriate automation and test management tools
  • Build a quality assurance and management strategy, not just a testing strategy
  • Ensure that you are investing the right people and resources into enhancing your quality processes
  • Direct improvements to product quality

Specialized testing capabilities

  • Deep and wide expertise that can cover all of your products’ testing and quality management needs
  • Highly skilled teams that can rapidly assimilate product and business context and provide quality assurance services including functional (correctness) testing, performance testing, product regression, compliance and cross platform testing
  • Comprehensive suite of test automation and related engineering services including tool selection, data setup and error injection setup
  • Pre-built reporting tools and dashboards to track product quality and overall process quality