ISV Engineering Services

Virtusa’s ISV engineering services are tailored to meet the specific needs of ISVs and software services providers. We utilize our deep experience in partnering with product companies to deliver services that are highly specific to the agile and innovative ways in which ISVs want to operate. Our processes are tailored for each project to ensure alignment with client processes.

Global sourced development

  • Our globally distributed, agile delivery teams utilize our proven onsite-offshore delivery model and distributed process
  • Best of both worlds - delivery with offshore cost savings while still providing the agility and transparency of onsite/near-shore engineering
  • Large talent pool of Virtusa's globally distributed operations to rapidly build engineering capacity as required
  • Accelerated time-to-market and innovation rate

Specialized technology practices

  • Collaborate with other technology centric practices to deliver deep expertise in CEM, DW/BI, BPM and Mobility products
  • Allows ISVs to utilize highly skilled, specialized or niche skill resources as required

Product maintenance capabilities

  • Metrics driven delivery processes ensure high-quality maintenance of existing products
  • Enables ISVs to focus on next generation products while moving lower value / high cost maintenance operations to Virtusa

SaaS/Cloud solutions and frameworks

  • Dedicated Cloud practice to provide cloud solutions to your advantage
  • Leverage SaaS, PaaS and IaaS vendors and platforms to give your products or services a significant competitive edge

Mobility enablement

  • Dedicated Mobility practice and platform alliances to build, enhance or implement a mobile strategy
  • Expand your product innovation lead with enhanced / expanded mobility capability

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