Consulting and Lifecycle Services

Virtusa provides a number of ISV specific consulting services that are based on our experience in working with leading product companies.

Concept-to-market life-cycle services

  • Provide full-lifecycle product development capabilities with accelerated development of concept into a monetized product
  • Develop best-of-breed solutions that provide significant advantages around innovation rate and cost of development
  • Offer product design and analysis including full life-cycle design, engineering, testing, deployment, documentation, etc.

Accelerated solution design / Product analysis

  • Align your product with market needs and competitor advances
  • Target the right customers with the right feature set
  • Leverage Virtusa’s business consulting and product consulting services
  • Adopt rapid hot house based prototype development
  • Utilize product, market and competitor analysis

Acquisition due diligence

  • Engineering Rigor Automation (ERA) framework to capture code and product quality metrics
  • Accurate reporting on product strategy, business and people alignment between organizations
  • Alignment across multiple factors during acquisitions and mergers