Industry Solutions

Virtusa’s offerings are built on four primary pillars that enable it to be the partner of choice to some of the world’s largest and most successful software companies.

  • Mature onsite-offshore delivery model. Virtusa utilizes its global delivery processes to ensure an optimum mix of cost effectiveness and agility.
  • Entrenched IP protection. Virtusa utilizes multiple layers of protection to ensure that your IP is safe within Virtusa.
  • Partnership focus. Virtusa focuses primarily on building long term strategic partnerships with its clients. This allows Virtusa to understand your product, market space and strategic drivers and contribute at multiple levels to the success of your products and organization.
  • Flex-core staffing. Leading ISVs utilize Virtusa’s expertise to provide short or medium-term capacity to address fluctuations in product development, maintenance or support capacity.

ISV Engineering Services

Virtusa’s ISV engineering services are tailored to meet the specific needs of ISVs and software services providers.

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Quality Management Services

Our experience in working with product companies allows us to provide Quality Assurance services that are tailored specifically towards the challenges that ISVs face.

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Consulting and Lifecycle Services

Virtusa provides a number of ISV specific consulting services that are based on its experience working with leading product companies.

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Professional Services & Support

Virtusa has built professional services relationships with a large number of ISVs to provide an ecosystem of services that span product engineering, training and client deployments.

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