Health Service Providers

Health services such as remote monitoring, diagnostics, medical devices and patient alerts facilitate preventive care and better healthcare outcomes. With the increasing adoption of digital and mobile platforms by patients worldwide, these services are expected to experience significant growth through the year 2020. They enable industry players to successfully cater to a wider patient base and drive down costs by enhancing efficiencies, care delivery and patient compliance.

Success in this highly complex market hinges on leveraging technology to enhance business agility, develop customer centric care strategies, and ensure in-depth patient engagement. Virtusa offers robust technology platforms and global content management solutions to help health service providers differentiate themselves by improving quality of care and time to market.

Our comprehensive solutions encompass design and implementation services and adopts a flexible and scalable approach allowing health service providers to:

  • Reduce operating costs by streamlining processes
  • Enhance ROI on resources and IT assets by improving utilization
  • Improve customer responsiveness by increasing visibility and process efficiencies
  • Enable real time performance views and reporting for effective decision making
  • Develop global solutions to reach out to a widespread and diverse customer base