Virtusa provides a comprehensive range of solutions and services to Healthcare organizations that are looking to reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, and increase revenue opportunities in an environment where there are tremendous regulatory changes, increased scrutiny on healthcare spending, and a fundamental shift towards consumer centricity. Our solutions and services help clients effectively navigate through these challenges while enabling them to realize their organizational goals:

Health Plans

Organizations providing healthcare benefits to businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations and individuals. Services include traditional, voluntary and consumer-directed health insurance products and related services.

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Healthcare Providers

Organizations providing care delivery through diagnostics and point of care solutions. Includes clinicians, hospitals.

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Healthcare Software Vendors

Organizations providing healthcare and drug related data, analytics, expertise, and advisory services. Services include health data analytics, data quality, and health IT integration.

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Health Service Providers

Organizations providing solutions and products for diagnostic, treatment and preventive care. Services include medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, etc.

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