Insight driven healthcare services

A recent publication by an industry leading think tank reported that while the US health care system remains the most expensive in the world (17% of our GDP, 25% of our federal budget, 21% of the average state’s budget and 9% of discretionary spending in the average household), it consistently underperforms relative to other countries on most dimensions of performance – Quality, Access, Efficiency, Equity, and Healthy lives. There is a lot of focus and attention right now on reducing the overall spends on Healthcare and improving the quality of care for the consumers.

The industry is going through its greatest period of transformation. Beyond the focus on costs and spend, there are other factors that are causing dramatic changes within the sector. The government is playing a much greater role in Healthcare (e.g. ACA), new care delivery models such as Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) are gaining ground demanding the provision of high quality care at reduced costs, and perhaps the biggest change is the industry’s shift to a more consumer-driven healthcare eco-system.

What We Offer

Virtusa’s solutions and services enable our clients – Health Plans, Providers, Service Providers, and Software Vendors within the Healthcare sector – transform their business by optimizing operations to gain efficiencies, and expanding their target audiences by providing a distinctive millennial and consumer engaging experience.

Our transformational offerings encompass contact center and product transformations while our millennial solutions comprise mobility, customer experience, cloud, analytics and gamification.

How We Deliver Value

By leveraging over 10 years of healthcare industry experience, we have been able to successfully deliver solutions to several Fortune 1000 companies. Our global team comprises multi-skilled, domain experts who add value to our clients by leveraging our key partnerships and platforming heritage. Our strong industry and consulting focus combined with our right sized workforce enables us to deliver superior customer experience and better business outcomes to our clients.