Product and Benefits Transformation

Healthcare regulations are dramatically changing the health insurance landscape, mandated retail exchanges are nurturing intense competition and there is a greater demand for consumer-centric products at lower prices. In this environment, payers need to invest in product platforms that can support flexible product designs and service all segments – groups, individuals, and government business. Payer organizations face multiple challenges in creating a single source of truth for product repository:

Challenges in Product and Benefits Transformation

What We Offer

Virtusa’s Product and Benefits Transformation Solution helps payer organizations overcome typical challenges and accelerates their product and benefits transformation journey. The solution and services leverages a proven Accelerated Solution Delivery (ASD) methodology for delivering an optimally designed and unified product repository that will enable a faster go-to-market strategy while reducing ongoing maintenance expenses.

How We Deliver Value

Virtusa has a proven methodology and product transformation life-cycle that guides clients through a successful implementation, accelerated by customized assets and solutions.


Product Transformation Life-cycle

Based on our extensive experiences over the past few years working on product transformational efforts, we have developed a set of key solution accelerators:

  • A step-by-step guide for customized design to delivery implementation of a master products / benefits repository
  • A reusable components for automatic SBC generation during quoting and enrollment.
  • A robust Test Automation Framework (VTAF) platform for engineers to build their test suits, with minimum tool/scripting knowledge
  • An Integration Framework that creates a data model that enables faster and high volume access to product data

Benefits We Offer

Some of the key benefits of our solution include:

  • DECREASE in product time to market
  • DECREASE in incorrect claims payments and overturned appeals
  • INCREASE in accuracy of Member and Provider benefit inquiries
  • INCREASE in speed and accuracy of benefit load