Patient Engagement Platform

The Healthcare industry runs about a decade behind other industries in adopting business technologies that would help it understand and engage its consumers. Today’s patients, families, purchasers of insurance, and even employees expect to be able to connect with their healthcare organizations digitally. As they progress through the stages of the customer life cycle, they want tools to help them along the way — everything from understanding what their insurance options are and what a plan covers, to finding a doctor, to being notified on treatment follow-ups. They want this through easily accessible web presences and their ever-present mobile devices. And they want this as a cohesive experience, not disjointed interactions. New regulations and value-based payment structures require patients to be activated in their care.

However, engaging patients is challenging:

However, engaging patients is challenging:

Virtusa’ s Patient Engagement Platform to tie digital tools to the customer and patient journeys to create a connected experience that helps meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

Partner with patients across episodes of care, ongoing care management, and population health to succeed in the new value-driven marketplace.

Our Patient Engagement Platform allows patients to have better visibility into their health records and be more activated in their own care, allowing industry leading providers, ACOs and medical homes to win patient loyalty and improve outcomes and reimbursement.

Features of the Patient Engagement Platform

The connected platform streamlines operations and leads to enhanced customer experience:

  • Reduced call volume
  • Improved responsiveness to patient needs
  • Lower utilization of health services
  • More effective care
  • OpEx reductions