Health IT integration

Healthcare IT is at the confluence of technology and healthcare. Virtusa’s Health IT integration capabilities significantly improve operational efficiency by liaising disparate forms of data, diverse systems and people, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • With Virtusa’s unique capabilities in platforming, organizations can streamline activities and significantly save time and effort by integrating multiple systems such as Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRS), electronic Health Information Exchange (HIE) systems, payer, pharmacy and other allied systems
  • Our highly flexible Platforming approach accommodates legacy systems, is secure and meets the healthcare standards such as ICD-10, HIPAA, HL7, CCD, CDA, etc. The platform allows development of applications for multiple delivery channels like desktop, web and mobile.
  • With Virtusa’s HL7 InfoButton solution accelerator, healthcare content delivery providers can integrate with EHRs rapidly and also tap into content up-sell opportunities.