Contact Center Transformation

The healthcare industry is going through a complete overhaul in the current reform driven era. Payers are witnessing an influx of uninsured customers, and there is a growing demand for quality services, transparency and compliance. Consumers are also able to freely switch plans, and have several queries regarding their coverage, enrollment and pre-existing conditions. Being technologically savvy, they increasingly prefer to engage over digital platforms. These evolving factors have made it critical for payers to invest in innovative and patient-centric contact center platforms to effectively engage customers and drive loyalty.

However, payers face several challenges in providing an exceptional and consistent customer experience due to the prevalence of:

Multiple channels

Inability to ensure consistent customer experience at every customer interaction, across multiple touch points and communication channels

Inflexible, legacy systems

Rigid systems with limited scope for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to quickly access information resulting in negative customer experience; and complex, manual legacy systems that result in high training costs and time.

What We Offer

Virtusa’s Healthcare Contact Center solution helps accelerate delivery and improve business operations through automated point of contact interactions. By enabling a 360 degree customer view, it helps CSRs generate accurate benefit quotes for members and providers. Business users can configure benefits quickly and efficiently to further improve CSR effectiveness. Guided flows in the benefit inquiry process reduce training time and costs. The solution also facilitates reduced IAV error as well as related customer complaint and compliance issues through third party authorization.

How We Deliver Value

3 phase approach for Contact Center Transformation

Our phased three-step approach comprising - Inception and Elaboration, Construction, and Transition - helps us design solutions that ensure a superior customer experience at every interaction. Pre-built call center components such as the Integration Tool Kit enable easy integration with existing applications, requiring minimal customization and changes. Re-use of requirement gathering use cases and process maps significantly reduce the time and effort required in solution creation - by up to 600 man days. Our proprietary test automation framework (VTAF) offers over 300 test scripts to validate functionality, while our proven Accelerated Solution Design (ASD) methodology enables reduced cost and time to market.

Benefits We Offer

By partnering with us, you can leverage the following business benefits:

  • REDUCTION in average call handle time
  • REDUCTION in staff training time
  • INCREASE in first call resolution
  • REDUCTION in call wrap-up time