Enhance citizen services and improve government efficiency


Government agencies are the guardians of public health, safety, and welfare. However, current IT systems severely restrict their performance. Inability to integrate with other technologies, high maintenance costs, lack of automation of regulatory and business rules, errors in meeting reporting/data sharing requirements are some of the key challenges regulatory enforcement and licensing agencies face. Federal IT spend has dramatically increased in the past couple of years and a large chunk of it, is reserved for non-provisioned legacy maintenance.

Virtusa’s Government Services help agencies transform their process and accelerate business outcomes. Our agile Licensing Solution enables superior performance through automation and digitization. We support end-to-end processes from the licensing or certification application intake through payments.

Our solution simplifies all licensing, enforcement, and administrative law processes, including complaint management, reporting and analytics, investigations, case management, examinations, payments and hearings. It also centralizes contact management and document management.



Overseeing millions of licenses across industries, businesses, and license types is highly challenging for government agencies. In addition, approving, renewing, and maintaining multiple licensing programs adds complexity to this landscape.

Virtusa’s solution helps you streamline the end-to-end licensing process. Our solution provides a comprehensive view across all aspects of licensing processes - from application, licensing and renewal to complaint, investigation, and resolution. The solution enables an entity-centric data model that lets agencies access data across licensing programs.


The toughest challenge for enforcement agencies is to keep pace with changing legislation and constituent needs. They are also tasked with monitoring compliance and managing implementation of legislation.

Virtusa’s solution offers online self-service channels for better enforcement monitoring and streamlines back-office processes for improved business efficiencies. Our solution provides a comprehensive enforcement process from complaint intake to handling summonses. For instance, summonses go through multiple reviews and guilty summonses result in the suspension of licenses or license categories.

Administrative Law

Administrative lawyers constantly juggle multiple cases cutting across licensing programs, compliance needs, and at times regulatory breaches. They deal with a mountain of paperwork and red tape.

Virtusa’ssolution helps administrative law practitioners operate more effectively by digitizing records and enabling better collaboration with their peers and clients. We help streamline the end-to-end processes right from case intake to adjudication.

With our solution, you will be able to:

Enhance Business Performance

  • Optimize operations through Intelligent Business Process Management
  • Easily configure and replicate licensing processes across multiple channels, maximizing time to value
  • Automate the application of business rules across all your certification and licensing requirements

Maximize Business Outcomes

  • Manage scale and costs with the option of on-premise and cloud hosting
  • Gain end‐to‐end visibility into each certification and licensing case with holistic case lifecycle management
  • Maximize control through deep insights with out‐of‐the‐box analysis and reporting capabilities

Deliver Superior Service

  • Ease of use with intuitive self-service portals that provide access and transparency to licensees and the public
  • Deliver consistent service across all channels through omni-channel management including web, email, chat, and mobile