Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting

As the complex financial business continues to experience change on a number of differing fronts including reform, regulatory compliance, outsourcing, internationalization, technological developments etc. the reliability on technology has become very extensive. Due to this, the treasury management function has been placed in the forefront of introducing new technological initiatives focusing towards a robust governance and risk management framework that balances return objectives with prudent controls.
As these financial organizations grapple between the twin requirements of ‘Run the business’ and ‘Develop the business’, Virtusa understands the real imperatives.
There is a need to:
  • Shift from the traditional, single-perspective approach of ‘expert advice’ consulting
  • Design innovative solutions that are quick and effective
  • Enable change through swift and efficient implementation
To help these organizations stay ahead of the game, Virtusa offers innovative solutions that help in continuous synchronization of technology with changing market demands.
Be it Financial Services Consulting or Financial Systems Consulting, our consultants have in-depth understanding of underlying business processes and financial instruments and they continually monitor trends to garner valuable industry knowledge from a wide range of sources to effectively address problems faced by corporate treasuries with out-of-the-box solutions.

Financial Services Consulting

Our services include: Advice on regulatory compliance; advice on system selection; BPM (business process management); EIM (Enterprise Information Management); development of new workflows and processes; business intelligence; system selection; identification of value-creation initiatives; preparation of RFP’s; cash management advice and cash management system advice.

Financial Systems Consulting

Our services include System advice, selection, and implementation; system architecture and development; customization, integration and measurement; upgrades; database management, data warehousing and business intelligence; technical trouble-shooting; project management.