Compliance Management

Compliance Management solution delivers a comprehensive system to manage number of different regulatory and corporate compliance requirements. The solution simplifies compliance management and monitoring across the enterprise, delivering integration and mapping for compliance mandates and controls in a central framework. It streamlines and standardizes compliance and control processes, eliminating divergences and minimizing redundancies. Graphical dashboards provide in-depth visibility across the compliance program, allowing clients to pinpoint and address the issues.


  • Compliance Environment Design
    Centralized framework of the compliance and control hierarchy, including processes, assets, risks, controls, policies and regulations
  • Compliance Assessments
    Ability to design, schedule and assign control assessments, streamlining those assessments, and providing tools to calculate and report the results
  • Issue Management
    Systematic investigation and remediation process of compliance issues and exceptions, with integrated automatic alerts for tasks and issues
  • Compliance Monitoring
    Standard and configurable compliance reports, providing in depth view into compliance across the enterprise and alerting about failures and issues


  • Compliance Assessments
  • Issue Management
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Simplified compliance management
  • Centralized compliance processes and controls
  • Streamlined workflows for consistent and efficient compliance
  • Automation of control assessments, reporting, and issue remediation
  • Cutting edge dashboards, risk heat maps, and reports provide a 360-degree view of compliance across the enterprise


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