Wholesale and Corporate Banking

Ever changing regulations and compliances is one of the challenges that is being faced by the Banks to on-board a customer. This burdens the Banks with respect to cost overruns, on-boarding time and effort which leads to reduced customer satisfaction and customer experience.

Banks have been levied with penalties for non-compliant or non-conformance to the regulations and compliances like in the US Dodd Frank Act, the US Patriot Act and FATCA regulations and similarly other countries have also imposed stringent KYC norms to be complied for all the Bank’s customers.

Banks constantly endeavor to provide vibrant customer experience in the areas of payments, liquidity, cash management, treasury etc. through innovative services, product offerings and processes like STP, on-demand banking, omni-channel banking.

Virtusa with its seasoned SMEs and tenured engagements in the above areas with leading banks across geographies can bring the right mix of technology and domain expertise to help Banks achieve the desired outcomes.

Virtusa’s capabilities in platforming, business intelligence, mobility and process are helping banks streamline client integration and improve ease of access to services and information while drive improved efficiency in IT assets and accelerating time to market.

Our solution includes:

  • Client on-boarding
  • Compliance: KYC, AML, Dodd Frank
  • Wire transfer investigations
  • Mobile treasury
  • International payments
  • Disbursements
  • Commercial banking loan origination


On March 3rd, 2016, Virtusa Corporation acquired a majority interest in Polaris Consulting & Services Limited. VirtusaPolaris, our new market-facing brand, represents the combined strengths of Virtusa and Polaris, including our strong software engineering heritage, deep domain expertise and focus on applying innovation to solving critical core business issues for clients.

www.virtusapolaris.com, our new website is where we provide our latest thinking.