Retail Banking

The retail banking segment is undergoing massive change with the continued evolution of mobile as a channel, the demographic impact of Millennials, the rise of mobile payments, increasing concerns around security and cyberfraud and the need to drive personalization while delivering superior service to consumers. The market place is being disrupted by FinTech players providing banking services, traditional retailers who are now offering short term credit and payment services and startup digital-only challenger banks.
Retail banks, with their legacy systems and infrastructures, are challenged to innovate and keep up with the pace of change. Virtusa brings deep industry and technology expertise to that help our clients become industry leading in capabilities and customer satisfaction.

Virtusa is helping our clients:

  • Accelerate time to market of new banking products and services across channels
  • Deliver Omni Channel user experience and improve customer retention and loyalty
  • Increase customer profitability through segmentation and targeted marketing
  • Improve operational productivity and employee engagement
  • Meet regulatory requirements and reduce risk of fraud

Highlighted Retail Banking solutions:

  • Digital and Omni Channel banking
  • Mobile Wallet and Emerging Payments
  • Client Life Cycle Management
  • Operations and call center optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Regulatory and Compliance


On March 3rd, 2016, Virtusa Corporation acquired a majority interest in Polaris Consulting & Services Limited. VirtusaPolaris, our new market-facing brand, represents the combined strengths of Virtusa and Polaris, including our strong software engineering heritage, deep domain expertise and focus on applying innovation to solving critical core business issues for clients., our new website is where we provide our latest thinking.